Dramatically reduce injuries, while simultaneously stepping up engagement & culture!

MoveSMART® transfers high-level mental and physical tools people need to dramatically reduce injuries and to take personal control of their own safety. It’s a system for taking safety performance and culture past plateaus to a much higher level.

We frequently see:

  • injuries tremendously drop
  • remarkable changes in individuals and companies
  • resistant people turn around, become more positive about Safety
  • leaders communicate better about Safety.

Each MoveSMART® intervention works on several levels:

  • High-level, breakthrough injury prevention skills. First and foremost, MoveSMART® incorporates mental and physical skillsets for significantly preventing incidence and severity of injuries (strains/sprains, slips/trips/falls or hand injuries).

Mental skillsets may include: elevating receptivity to action change and learning, directing attention, judgment in assessing actual/hidden levels of risk, decision-making, developing a mindset of personal control for own actions, cumulative and at-home thinking, self-monitoring, motivation to make small effective changes at work and at home – and more.

Physical skillsets may include (depending on the specific module): greatly increased balance, force transfer to protect most vulnerable areas, usable strength, identifying & employing natural alignment eye-hand coordination, use of leverage, reductions in accumulated tension, improving range of motion, fatigue reduction, preparation and recovery – and more.

We help people apply these principles, strategies and techniques to at-work “focus” tasks (where there is more risk for potential injury or cumulative trauma) as well as towards improving performance in favorite at-home activities.

  • Elevating leadership and cultural change.

It’s critical that organizational members develop default/background safety habits even when minimally supervised or observed. That they become more receptive to change and learning, developing the confidence that personal skill improvement is readily doable.

In addition, MoveSMART® has become a common ground for organizations with multiple branches and cultures to speak the same safety language. One that is energizing, interesting and practical.

For a case study on how one area within US Steel applied MoveSMART® Instructor-Catalyst System to move from (in their report) the worst to the best safety record within their industry, see Safety Men of Steel