US Steel Gary Works
MoveSMART® 2019 Excellence Award Winner
United Airlines Inflight
MoveSMART® 2019 Excellence Award Winner
Savannah River Remediation
MoveSMART® 2019 Excellence Award Winner
Northrup Grumman
MoveSMART® 2019 Merit Award Winner
United Airlines (Operations)
MoveSMART® 2019 Excellence Award Winner
MoveSMART® 2019 Excellence Award Winner
Hawaiian Airlines
MoveSMART® 2019 Merit Award Winner
ArcelorMittal USA
Sembcorp Marine Integrated Yard
BMW Manufacturing
Domtar Industries
Hawaiian Airlines
HD Supply
Marathon Oil Corporation
Northrop Grumman
Portland General Electric Company

What is MoveSMART®?

MoveSMART® is a unique system for achieving groundbreaking reductions in injuries (strains/sprains, slips/trips/falls, and hand injuries) and moving to global-class Safety Culture by:

  • Energizing interest, excitement, and actual commitment to Safety.
  • Engaging everyone, from Executives to workers, to personal and organizational Safety, turning select workers into strong and active advocates throughout their company.
  • Expertise – transferring unique and easily learned mental and physical skillsets that immediately and dramatically elevate performance in Safety, personal activities, at work and at home.

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Strength & Control

Our Foundation Module provides quickly learned methods for preventing workplace injury with techniques for transferring forces away from vulnerable areas of back, shoulders, neck, and knees. The 4 Step Plan for Personal Control increases leverage and strength, balance, and coordination in daily at-risk tasks – and for favorite at-home sports and activities.

Strength & Control

Our Advanced Module provides alignment principles and methods for redirecting force by building on the foundation of skills and information learned in the Strength & Control module. With tactics—including physical, attention, and judgment—and strategies to reducing injury we show you how to integrate these techniques into daily activities to reduce the impact of such potentially harmful forces as handling materials or using tools.


Proven techniques for preventing slips, trips, and falls in such company risks as: walking on slippery or uneven surfaces, moving between different surfaces, on stairs and ladders, on ramps, in dimly light environments, stepping over and under, ducking under, getting on and off equipment. Safely recover balance and minimize injuries from unavoidable falls.


Our MoveSMART® team has worked in every state in the U.S.A. plus Puerto Rico and in many countries throughout the world.

MoveSMART® has been used by over 150 companies worldwide in a wide range of industries.

MoveSMART® gets groundbreaking AND sustaining results. Click below to download a fourteen page PDF report of our References & Results (418 KB).

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MoveSMART® Excellence Awards

Join us in congratulating this year’s MoveSMART® Excellence Award winners:

  • US Steel (Gary Works)
  • Orbital ATK

For long-term and strategic implementations, these organizations epitomize the best of the best.

With the national winners announcement in the February issue of Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) magazine, look for details on both organizations and their MoveSMART® processes on our Facebook page and our website.

These awards go annually to organizations with exceptional MoveSMART® processes, remarkable projects, and outstanding champions. These internationally recognized awards honor unique MoveSMART® programs and individuals that made a positive impact on the safety of their associates.

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