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What is MoveSMART®

Prevent injuries with technology adapted from select martial arts, ergonomics, movement science, industrial psychology, and practical work experience

Elevate mental and physical skillsets for improving judgment, motivation, and personal control for safety

Build higher-level safer default habits by applying judgment and actions to at work and at home tasks and activities

Accelerate safety culture by energizing involvement and heightening employee-management communication

Implemented globally since 1983

The Core of MoveSMART®
  • Compelling: gets attention with unique, surprisingly powerful techniques.
  • Core principles: that apply to all movement activities (for preventing strains/sprains, slip/trips/falls and hand injuries AND for overall high performance).
  • Energizes: through demonstrating possibilities of what each can actually accomplish, quickly and with relatively little extra effort.
  • Engages: each person individually experiences and discovers the effectiveness of MoveSMART® principles—and how easy it is to apply these.
  • Personal: face-to-face kinesthetics transmission encourages trial of methods.
  • Practical: principles are illustrated/grounded in their actual applications.
  • Motivates: through strong complementary emphasis on improving at-work and at-home tasks (e.g. favorite hobbies and activities).
  • Internalizes: skillsets that place people more in control of their own safety.
  • Connects: as it applies to everyone, executives and managers also become enthused supporters—lifting, pushing, pulling, walking, climbing stairs, using tools, and other activities are commonly done, whether at work or off work—and MoveSMART® methods equally work for all.

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