To Our Partners & Friends

We hope you and yours are all safe and well. We, like you, are busy trying to stay safe while working to help support our families, friends, and communities. During this health crisis, we urge you to follow recommendations from credible sources.

In keeping with medical advice to maintain safe distances from others, many of you have reached out to us with questions about training and reinforcing MoveSMART® during this crisis. We’ve been busy refining and adapting MoveSMART® in order to address your concerns. We’ve developed adaptations to MoveSMART® demonstrations that certified Instructor-Catalysts can teach.

Working together we can continue to help employees avoid injuries while facing the significant challenges posed by this health crisis. We’ll work with you to get through this, and we’ll be here to work with you when this trial has been overcome.

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What is MoveSMART®

Prevent injuries with technology adapted from martial arts, ergonomics, movement science, industrial psychology, and practical work experience

Boost safe skills by encouraging judgment, motivation, and personal control for safety

Build higher-level default habits by applying judgment and actions both at work and at home

Accelerate safety culture through heightened involvement and employee-management communication


Strength & Control

MoveSMART® Foundation Module with methods to help live and work safer, stronger, and more in control.

Advancing Strength & Control

Build on the skills and information learned in the core module and provide new, powerful, tools and strategies for reducing handling injuries.


Techniques to prevent slips, trips, and falls, to safely recover balance when initially lost, and minimize injuries from unavoidable falls.

Enhancing Hand Safety

We apply an action skill approach that places workers in control of their own hand safety.


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