A Minor, but Practical Application


Have you ever almost burst a vein trying to open a stubborn pickle jar lid?

People usually grab the lid with their fingertips and twist like crazy. If the lid doesn’t budge, the strain to the fingers and hand can be quite severe.

Using Smarthands™ reduces the strain and increases the twisting power. Simply place the bottom part of your hand – the power side – on the edge of the lid to augment the finger grip. This provides more power as well as reducing strain as you include that part of your hand in the twist.

Two other jar-opening strategies also help: lightly tap around the top edge of the lid with the back edge of a knife to help loosen stickiness, and run warm water over the lid to expand it a bit. (Both of those actions are examples of the Shielding Yourself part of the Plan for Personal Control.)

If you are an instructor consider including a jar opening demonstration in your MoveSMART® presentation. Everyone in the group who has wrestled with jar lids will like this practical application. Small ideas often have large impact.

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