Congratulations ASSE Safety Innovators Winners!

On June 20, 2017 the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) honored five innovators for creatively improving workplace safety.  The award honors those who bring creativity to managing safety in the workplace. The top award went to Samantha J. Horseman from Saudi Arabia for a driver safety management system. 

We’re pleased that, of the four honorable mentions for the innovation award, two are not only MoveSMART® clients but are also 2016 MoveSMART® Awards winners, who received recognition for their MoveSMART® related processes and projects.

  • Honda of Canada Mfg in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, with special recognition given to both David Catallo, plant safety leader – and to Matthew Clarke, the plant safety coordinator. Their peer-to-peer participatory ergonomics program empowers production associates to ignite change and reduce workplace risk.  The HCM process helped to develop production associates into ergonomic champions.  In just one year they achieved a 36 percent reduction in musculoskeletal disorders through training, coaching and ongoing mentorship.  To learn more about Honda of Canada Mfg’s Peer-to-Peer Ergo Champions process go to
You can also see another profile on their approach at:  

 Savannah River Remediation, with specific recognition to Patricia M. Allen, the director of ESHQA & CA at  in North Augusta, South Carolina. The site’s mobile slip simulator teaches people how to navigate slippery surfaces. The innovation is a first-of-its-kind mobile learning laboratory equipped with a slippery walkway, unique shoe covers, trolley system, large mirror and flat-screen monitor for instant feedback to trainees. The portable unit exposes workers to slip-and-fall prevention techniques in a cost-effective manner.  SRR created the slip simulator to help reinforce the skills that employees develop in the MoveSMART® Balance training