MoveSMART®: Balance Client Assessment

We customize your MoveSMART® training materials with your corporate logo and pictures from your workplace.


We use your logo throughout the training materials. For quality reproduction we need a digital file with the client logo in full color at the highest possible resolution in the largest possible size. Include corporate guidelines for usage, with any color specifications. We also request a printed sample of your logo (business card, stationary, etc.).


We use a minimum of twenty-eight still images in your training materials. For best results they should be in full color and in the highest resolution possible.

Guidelines and Examples

Take photographs of:

  • Walking down stairs (with the head level)
  • Carrying on stairs
  • Reaching out with equipment, tools, pressing buttons, adjusting controls, etc.
  • Working overhead (with the head level)
  • Walking on slippery, uneven, or cluttered surfaces
  • Ducking under an overhead obstacle while stepping
  • Walking down stairs at a forty-five degree angle
  • Stepping over or under an obstacle
  • Stepping up and down on a piece of equipment (such as a forklift, large production machine, etc.) or other areas of concern
  • On ladders
  • Walking on uneven terrain

Keep in mind:

  • Have your subject’s head as level as possible while they use their eyes to see up or down.
  • Your subject should be stepping either sideways or at a forty-five degree angle—their feet should not cross and they should try to maintain good posture.
  • Be sure proper footwear is being utilized by anyone being photographed.

Please indicate task or areas you’d like us to focus on during the training.

Keep Your Crown

Back straight, head erect, bend with your legs and not your back when ducking under. Used on stairs, ladders, and ramps; lifting and carrying; sitting; ducking under, and on slippery surfaces.

KYC01 KYC02 KYC03 KYC04 KYC05 KYC06 KYC07 KYC08 KYC09 KYC10  KYC12

Lifeline Hands

Use Smart Hands on the trailing hand, angle body toward railing or wall, head erect, look down with your eyes and not your chin. Can be used when carrying.

Natural Alignment

Weight over feet, knees bent, back straight, head erect. Use when reaching, stepping, pushing and pulling, or when recovering your balance.

BMW04 HA41 Kin063 MSC36 SJC55 SS317 TEP249

Power Legs

On ramps or slopes, crossing under or over, stepping up or down, uneven terrain, dark or windy areas.

PL01 PL02 PL03 PL04 PL05 PL09 PL10

You can email your logo and photographs directly to our Graphic Artist, Dan Lucas, at

You can also ship a CD or DVD with images to our office:

Strategic Safety Associates
8335 SW 22nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97219-2820

For More Information

Contact Dan Lucas by telephone at our Portland, OR (USA) office or by email: