Assessment Examples

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Line of Power

Knees bent, back straight, both heels touching the ground. Using tools, pushing, pulling, lifting, reaching, going up or down steps, etc. with one foot forward (or feet parallel). The direction of force/travel should be parallel with a line between the feet, rather than at a right angle to this “line of power.”

Mental Superglue

Elbow(s) close to side of the body in pushing, pulling, two-hand lifting or carrying; keeping objects close to the body in lifting; reaching with one hand with the opposite hand bracing, or bracing with hand, hip or knee; gluing one hand or arm to the side while the opposite hand lifts or carries, etc.  

Safe Handling Zones

Working close to the task (inside the green zone) with feet and body as close to the work as safely possible. Because it’s frequently unavoidable, we can use examples of reaching out and away (into the red zone).  

Smart Hands

Emphasize the “power fingers” (little finger and ring finger) in pushing, pulling, holding tools, etc. Watch for p.p.e. and avoid rings, watches, bracelets, etc.

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