Create Your Own Presentation Style

As a MoveSMART® Trainer/Catalyst, it can be a great temptation to try to copy someone else’s style of instructing. However, trying to mimic someone else’s personality and mannerism too often produces a parody that is transparent to the group, and is uncomfortable for the trainer. Worse, it can result in loss of credibility.

Not only is it unnatural, it is unneeded. Effective MoveSMART® Instructor-Catalysts come in many styles. Some are very dynamic and outgoing – others are more quiet. Some are highly experienced – others are relative beginners in presenting. Some are funnier than the dickens – others more serious. Whichever side of those descriptions fit you, you can be an effective Instructor-Catalyst.

Being yourself will work well if you follow a few simple, but challenging practices that cut across any style of presenting.

– Be well-prepared

– Know your material well

– Help people feel at ease and safe

– Make good contact with the group

– Speak with people, not at them

– Use notes effectively if you need them (hint:  don’t look down and read much – only glance at key phrases, then regain eye contact as soon as possible)

– Be receptive to, in fact, encourage, questions and feedback from the group

– Don’t try to fake it or try to impress or be someone you’re not or make up things you aren’t sure of.

– Pay attention to the needs and interests of the group, which can change even during the middle of the training.

Our advice is to be yourself as a MoveSMART® Instructor-Catalyst – and practice those things that make for good training whatever your style is.


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