Creating Coaching Opportunities

Instead of waiting and hoping for coaching opportunities, good coaches arrange them. Employees generally don’t appreciate impromptu coaching —especially from a peer, or even a MoveSMART® instructor. Well meaning surprise coaching can feel like a critical checking-up, or an attempt to “straighten them out.” And as we all know, coaching doesn’t work when resistance runs high.

Coaching that is set-up in advance reduces the surprise level and raises acceptance level. Here are a few ideas for building coaching opportunities into your regular coaching routine:

– During the MoveSMART training, tell each group that you intend to drop by each of their work areas as a follow-up to the training just to see if the ideas and techniques from the session are useful. Then be sure to write down some target dates for visits so you do indeed show up.

– Some organizations SSA works with have the supervisor in charge of an area invite MoveSMART instructors to tour the floor and talk to individuals. That supervisor makes the announcement to his or her group that the coach will be by on a particular day to circulate and check in with individuals on how the techniques and strategies are working.

– Go to particular participants who have expressed concern or special interest. Drop by to check in how things are going and to discuss specific applications with them.

– Volunteer to drop by for a quick refresher for departments at their regular meetings. Invite the people who attend the meeting to ask for your help in customizing MoveSMART techniques and principles to their individual jobs.

If you are a MoveSMART instructor, brainstorm with your fellow instructors to devise your own plan for making coaching a regular part of your organizations safety routines.

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