Customized Coaching

While we hesitate to prescribe a particular MoveSMART® coaching style, we do recommend a few important basics we are sure should be included as part of any effective coaching:

– Pick a good time to coach, both for you and the person you are coaching.

– Coaching should be a partnership, not a lecture.

– Hands on beats talking.

– Invite the person being coached to “feel the difference” rather than taking your word for it.

– Suggest rather than prescribe.

– Encourage people to figure out how MoveSMART techniques might be applied to their work, rather than telling them outright.

– Coaching sessions should be short and simple. Avoid information dumps.

We hesitate to prescribe a particular style because each individual you coach is unique. Some have lots of experience—some are newbies. Some are naturally athletic—some are not. Some are in great shape—some are not.  Some are open to new ideas— some are skeptical. Some catch-on quickly—some need patience and guidance. And so it goes. A good coach adapts his or her general approach to the particular person and situation.

Successful coaching boils down to a positive approach as much as it does to strategy. If you come across as being insensitive, unsympathetic, or superior, people are likely to ignore your coaching efforts. If you try to show-off instead of help, you won’t get far.

Within the framework of a solid approach to each coaching session, be flexible and responsive to the person and the situation.

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