Dealing with Bullet-Proofs

Ever met someone who feels invulnerable? They are sure that nothing bad could possibly happen to them. Safety was only a minor concern because, after all, they are fast and strong and smart enough to escape any danger. Sometimes they’re young and sure of themselves; sometimes they’re older and confident.

So how do you get an invulnerable person interested in applying MoveSMART®principles?

First: don’t get pushy or condescending with them. You can’t get anyone to change the way they think by arguing, shaming, or condemning. All those get is resistance.

Once you have your reaction under control decide what might appeal to that individual. It could be any of a number of motivators:

  • Looking good
  • Being a fine physical specimen
  • Being looked up to by others
  • Putting in the least amount of effort as possible
  • Making the most of their strength and balance
  • Saving energy for more important events (After work or week-ends)
  • Being more effective in sports or recreational activities

When coaching an invulnerable appeal to what does turn him or her on, not what you think should. Talk about outcomes that appeal to the person.

If they are more interesting in applying SmartHands™ for holding a softball bat than for holding a wrench, that’s okay. They are getting the principle and hopefully will use it in both instances.

Remember one of the great rules in sales: appeal to the buyers interests, not yours.

PS: Some people really do have excellent skills when it comes to their physical abilities and attention control. Everyone’s strengths and weaknesses need to be assessed individually before to labeling them “bullet proofs” or whatever.

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