Don’t Forget the Sitters

MoveSMART® generally focuses on work using movement and muscle. But don’t forget a physical feat that occupies a fair amount of work time for many people – sitting. The way we sit while doing deskwork, driving, talking with others, traveling, or attending meetings can contribute to cumulative stresses and strains. (Have you ever struggled to “uncoil” after sitting for a long period?) Be sure to coach people to use MoveSMART principles when sitting.

• If the seat is adjustable (office chairs, vehicle seats, etc.) take a moment to Shield Yourself by adjusting the settings to best fit your body style.

• When sitting down or rising up out of a seat be sure to incorporate a good Line-of-Power with your feet to ease the action. And, use your arms as Braces against table tops or chair arms to assist your legs.

Keep Your Crown while sitting. Tipping your head forward for very long accumulates a lot of strain on neck and shoulder muscles.

• When you need to grasp something while seated, the temptation is to remain in a static seated position and over-reach. Remind people to move in order to stay in their Safe Handling Zone.

• Of course when holding something while seated, using SmartHands is always a good practice.

• When handling anything while seated you can of course move your feet into your Line-of-Power to make lifting and holding easier.

• Use an occasional Re-energizer to keep joints and muscles loose.

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