Effective Application Demonstrations

When discussing applications of the various MoveSmart® techniques Try this approach:

First, prime the pump by providing an example or two yourself. You know the tasks of the people attending the MoveSmart training, so coming up with examples shouldn’t be too hard. Example: “When you’re pulling a pallet-jack use your line of power to gain momentum.”

Second, don’t just talk about an application, demonstrate it by either by mimicking the actions used in the technique, or better by having the equipment or tool handy to use as you show the application.

Third, ask the group for their ideas on the tasks where the technique being demonstrated could be used.

Fourth, have the group break into pairs using each other to demonstrate one or two of the applications so everyone can feel the difference for themselves. Have partners take turns with one person being the resistance and the other applying the technique.

For example: “One of you will be the handle of the pallet-jack by extending your forearm parallel toward your partner and bracing your arm with your other hand. Stand in a strong position. Now the other person will grasp that forearm and make a moderate pull with feet shoulder width apart over their point of weakness. Then moving your feet into your line of powerand try the pull again to see if you feel stronger and more in control.”

Include several of these hands-on demonstrations as you cover the various applications.

Initially you may need to take some time to anticipate applications and think through how you might set up one or two for each technique. After some experience you’ll probably be able to put together impromptu demonstrations like the one suggested above.

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