Encouraging Housekeeping

One of several points under Shield Yourself is to use the proper tools and equipment for the job. Making a forced stretch out to reach up to an overhead job instead of using an appropriate stepstool or ladder is an example of this. One of the reasons people don’t use proper tools and equipment may be because the item is hard to find, not handy. We all seem to have more to do, and as a result, we often get into too much of a hurry and simply can’t/won’t take the time to hunt down the item we need. So we do without and consequently put our bodies at risk for extra strain.

Be sure to encourage better housekeeping in your discussion of shielding yourself. First, having a place for tools and equipment so they are close to the work. Second, have a place that everyone knows is the place. Encourage those who work in teams to make commitments among team members to replace tools and equipment in their holding area when finished with a task. It’s a little thing, but one that could prevent an injury or at least reduce work strain.

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