Fine Tuning Your Coaching

As a MoveSMART® coach you want to be sure the person you’re working on a particular task with takes the basic positions recommended in the various MoveSMART techniques: gripping using those SmartHands; Getting into the best Zone; feet in a Line-of-Power; arms/legs Super Glued where possible. These are fundamental to good coaching observation and feedback. Once those become natural to your coaching interactions, the next level is to notice and coach on the “little things.” (Remember the MoveSMART mantra: “Little changes make a big difference.”) Here are some fine tuning points to watch for, and tips you can pass on to those your coach.

Pay attention to elbow position. One of our training catchphrases is “Arms not Wings.” That’s our way of saying, keep your elbows in. Even when using SmartHands, the elbows can sometimes drift out. The more aligned they are with the forces, the better the power and the less the strain.

When taking a Line-of-Power™, keep the toe of the lead foot pointed toward the load.

When pushing, pulling, or lifting, be sure to put a little extra flex in your knees, it’s easy to stiffen up a bit when focused on a task.

Adding those fine tuners to your coaching will make the MoveSMART techniques that much more valuable.

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