For Little League Coaches

If you’ve been through MoveSMART® training – and are coaching kids on a baseball or softball team, you’ve probably already thought of many ways the principles can be applied to what the kids do on the field.

You don’t have to run them through the “official” MoveSMART training, but you can convey the principles to them as you help them improve their fielding, throwing, running and batting.

SmartHands helps give more power and control when batting.

Gently squeezing Power Fingers helps lower their center of gravity and make them more effective base runners.

Using Line-of-Power gives more oomph to a throw.

Keeping the body tucked into a closer Zone allows for quicker responses and faster movement.

One of our MoveSMART instructors taught his little league players theSmartHands way of using a power batting grip. He told us about one of his players who, after hitting his second double of the game, danced on second based flexing his power fingers as he waved to the coach. (We aren’t sure who was happier, the player or the coach.)

You coaches reading this article, please send us your stories about what you’ve done to use the principles with your teams.

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