Influencing Safe Actions

As a MoveSMART® Instructor-Catalyst, it’s important to persuade people to put actually apply the techniques and strategies into whatever they do daily.

Some influencing approaches work better than others, so it’s helpful to check yourself to ensure that what you do is effective.

Let’s start by looking at negative approaches that we generally recommend you avoid.

– Authority: Telling someone what to do because you are smarter, wiser, stronger, more experienced, or have the authority to do so.

– Threats: As in, “If you don’t comply, and get caught, you’ll be punished.”

– Shaming and blaming:  Finger pointing and moralizing. As in, “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you care about your own safety?”

– Ingratiating:  Expecting others go along because you’re trying so hard, and you’re such a great or concerned person.

None of these persuasion approaches builds the inner motivation you want to instill in those attending your MoveSMART® training seminar – and they’re inconsistent with the MoveSMART® approach.

Even if these do work, it’s only for short-term or when someone is there to enforce compliance. At best, this will be limited to at-work applications and probably not be taken home. So these negative approaches will not build positive auto-pilot actions. And again, they’re totally inconsistent with MoveSMART®’s “respect, try-it, make your own decisions” approach.

Instead, considering using some of the following persuasion approaches to increase your odds of having positive, lasting influence.

– Inspirational appeal:  Stories and examples that touch and appeal to personal values. You can lead the way by telling how MoveSMART® has helped you or your family. Or a positive story you’ve heard from a co-worker.

– Personal benefit:  Show the positive outcomes of applying MoveSMART®  – for each person and their team, for everyone.

– Collaboration:  Work together to figure out how MoveSMART® techniques can be applied. People like to have a voice their own actions. They’re more apt to support an idea that they had a hand in developing. Remember that, at heart, MoveSMART® aims to help everyone become a better Safety Director of their own life.

The negative approaches mentioned at top push people, and most people don’t like to be pushed; and they’ll often push back – against you.

The positive approaches draw people into being MoveSMART® enthusiasts. And help them become safer, stronger and more in control.

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