LifeSMART® Skills

Staying Safe and Strong is an innovative, personalized training system based on the latest aging research coupled with Strategic Safety Associates’ extensive experience working with an increasingly aging workforce. LifeSmart Skills addresses the specific safety needs and concerns of experienced workers and helps them:

  • recognize the positive, and potential negative, impacts of aging on their safety
  • provide mental strategies that boost focus, attention, judgment, memory, and learning
  • teach physical skills to increase critical balance, strength, energy control, and agility

LifeSmart Skills offers personal and portable skills for work and home. LifeSmart Skills methods are compatible with, but don’t duplicate, MoveSMART® system skills-which are customized to specific work tasks.
LifeSmart Skills helps in five critical age-related areas which affect safety and effectiveness:

  1. Balance
  2. Agility (range of motion, flexibility, and reaction time)
  3. Energy (fatigue and stress control)
  4. Focus (directing attention and visual perception)
  5. Strength Coordinator

LifeSmart Skills is coordinated by Rob Russell, a MoveSMART® master-trainer since 1994. Rob is over sixty years old and applies LifeSmart Skills daily in such activities as playing basketball, gardening, golf, motorcycling, and tennis.

LifeSmart Skills is offered in half-day (2.5 hour) seminars, with up to twenty participants in each seminar. One day of training consists of up to two half-day seminars.

LifeSmart Skills: Staying Safe and Strong was presented at the National Safey Congress in San Diego, CA (November 2006) and will be presented at the American Society of Safety Engineers National Professional Development Conference in Orlando, FL (June 2007).

For More Information
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