A small percentage of “Accident Repeaters” can have a disproportionate share of injuries. Often, just one “repeater” can result in significant losses of time, productivity, as well as negatively impact safety performance and culture (impacting safety leadership and safety efforts of co-workers).

A systematic process, that is both strategic and skill-based, can prevent initial incidents from turning into repeat problems, interrupt the continuation of accident clusters, facilitate early return to work and break the chain of long-standing accident patterns.

Our Approach:

  1. SSA assesses contributing factors in accident repetition.
  2. Educate and align leadership to a proactive, positive process and approach for reducing accident repetition and time-leveraged leadership strategies for helping current “repeaters.”
  3. Where appropriate, work with union leadership to maximize buy-in, minimize pushback.
  4. Intervene with “repeaters” to improve their personal safety management. Focus is on skills of attitude control, increasing personal awareness of factors effecting safety, identifying range of contributors in accidents, directing attention for safer actions, heightening safety judgment and decision-making, methods for improving recognition of Levels of Accepted Risk, encouraging use of PPE and other prevention tools, safety communication skills, handling work stresses in a positive manner. Each participant will develop a Personal Improvement Plan with specific actions they will take to elevate their individual mental and physical safety actions.
  5. Follow-up to ensure the effectiveness of the process’ impact.