MoveSMART® Techniques for Bikers

In a previous blog we discussed ideas for applying the 4-step MoveSMART® Plan for Personal Control to safer motorcycle riding. Continuing, here are some ways to apply the MoveSMART® physical techniques to motorcycling activities.

While riding:

– Focus on the Power Side of the hand when gripping the handlebar. This naturally brings your elbows down and in – increasing your gripping strength,  reducing the tensions in arms and shoulders as well as making it easier to move the handlebar, especially at low speed.

– Keep Your Crown™ for better balance and control while simultaneously reducing neck and shoulder tensions.

When setting a bike onto the center stand:

– First move into the Green Zone by standing as close to the bike as possible while still maintaining good balance. Even a few centimeters/inches closer can make a real difference in your strength and safety.

– Use an underhand grip using the Power Side of the hand on the frame to reduce strain when lifting the bike up.

– Turn your toes slightly toward the front of the bike (without twisting your body) to bring the load closer to your Line-of-Power™.

– And of course, SuperGlue™ your arms to your body and lift with your entire body strength to increase power and reduce potential strain.

At stops:

– The wheels of the bike form a natural front to back Line-of-Power™, as long as the brake is engaged. Your feet then complement that with a solid line of power side-to-side. Because wheels may move a bit when the brake is disengaged, placing one foot slightly ahead and the other slightly back will better control any forward or backward rolling motion.

Understanding and applying MoveSMART® Strategies and methods can help you in everything you do at work and at home – and with two-wheels on the road.

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