Advancing Hand Safety Module

To prevent hand-finger-wrist-arm injuries, personal protective equipment and machine guarding is important – but not enough. We apply an action skill approach that places workers in control of their own hand safety by elevating:

  • abilities to direct attention (selecting, switching, and sustaining at their control),
  • judgment (including identifying levels of accepted risk), the impact of brain, eyes, torso, and base on keeping hands safe,
  • physical skills of heightened eye-hand coordination, range of motion, leverage, positioning, alignment, and more.


  • Reduce injuries to the hands and upper limbs, lacerations, abrasions, contusions, strains
  • Related to using hand tools, working on machines, lifting, loading, cutting, and more
  • For both repetitive and high-exposure jobs
  • What workers can do to prevent hand injuries, while reinforcing good use of Lock-out-tag-out, guarding and personal protective equipment