On being a MoveSMART graduate – now trainer

One of the advantages of going through the week-long MoveSMART® Train-the-Trainer course is a solid knowledge and skills for putting the techniques and principles into action. After such intense training and exposure, MoveSMART becomes somewhat ingrained and feels more natural. Don’t let that advantage become a hindrance in your coaching.

Don’t forget that the people you coach will have, at most, two or three hours of exposure to the same principles. They may still feel awkward applying the techniques and may need help in figuring out just how to apply them to their work. MoveSMART terms will not come easily to them.  Don’t take it for granted that they will know “the position.”

Coaching needs to be a balance between giving advice and encouraging them to figure out how to apply the techniques to their specific task concerns. Some people need and accept direct suggestions readily; others simply need you as a sounding board while they figure out applications for themselves.

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