Putting MoveSMART in Place

The first step in implementing MoveSMART® is to schedule training sessions. As these proceed, you’ll gain expertise and your teaching will be even more effective. Be observant, notice what works and what doesn’t. Be positive and supportive as employees acquire new skills and ways of working.

After employees are trained, coach them one-on-one in improving their techniques. Answer questions and generally support their efforts.

Be a role model. Consistently demonstrate proper techniques and attitudes about safety. Others will look to you to keep focusing on safer ways of working and living.

Communication is the key to keeping MoveSMART programs alive. Write up anecdotes of successes that co-workers experience. Ask that these stories get featured in the company newsletter or publications. As statistics on incidence and severity of injuries go down, publicize the good news and encourage other departments to spread the word.

MoveSMART reinforcers are good for continually reminding co-workers about using the techniques. Purchase pins, pens, patches, decals, magnets, hats and t-shirts, or polo shirts to give those who’ve completed MoveSMART training. Have your company purchase a set of posters to put up in common areas and as constant reminders to work and live safely.

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