Seasonal activities provide an opportunity to reinforce good safety practices of MoveSMART® Intructor/Coaches.

For example, many people rake leaves in the Fall. It’s hard work that stresses muscles and joints. Here are some ideas you can share with work partners or present at team meetings:

– Rake with your whole body. Raking is an activity that is tempting to do with only the upper body, arms and shoulders. Be sure to get your legs and hips into it to spread the load and stress.

– Take shorter strokes than you are capable of. Reaching too far gets you into theRed Zone, where you are more vulnerable to stress and strains. Doing this also keeps your back in a stronger, more upright position.

– Occasionally alternate your grip and stance. If you usually rake with your left foot and left hand forward, try switching to right foot and hand for at least a few minutes to spread the load.

– Of course, be sure to wear good gloves that provide a solid grip as well as protect against the cold.

You can probably think of several other MoveSMART strategies and techniques to share.

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