Spring Training

When you are leading MoveSMART® training sessions in the spring of the year, you have a great chance to compare work and other activities with Spring Training in baseball. Many baseball pictures this time of the year shows the players getting in shape and doing warm-up stretches – not playing baseball. The players and coaches know that before they play the game they need to prepare their bodies.

Ask your group “What kinds of things are you taking up this time of year after some time off during the winter season?” Those spring start up activities might include machine maintenance, getting lines ready for peak production, gardening, softball, hiking, cleaning out the attic, etc.

This is a natural lead-in to the re-energizer part of the MoveSMART® program.

You can relate each of the three main re-energizers: Swimmers Shakeout; North/South Palms; and, Percussion, directly to some of what they name as spring activities.

Encourage your group to take the “spring training” approach for any task that could use some warm-ups and stretches before full engagement.

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