The Magic of Using Names

As an internal MoveSMART® Trainer/Catalyst, you probably will know the names of many of the people attending your MoveSMART® training.

One of the best ways to capture your group’s attention and involvement is to use the names of people in the session as you present. People love the sound of their own name and feel a stronger connection when they or those next to them are recognized.

And doing so helps move the seminar from the intangible to the practical. “When Larry moves a loaded cart” is much more personal – and has greater impact – than saying, “When moving a loaded cart.”

Here are some suggestions for name use:

– Look at the person, then back to the group when you mention a name.

– People like compliments and positive reinforcement. “I noticed that Mary did an excellent job of applying Line-of-Power™.”

– Never use a name in connection with a negative comment. Avoid saying:  “Bob doesn’t seem to be able to use this technique properly. Let’s help him out.” Better to say:  “I can see that some of us are not quite getting this technique. Let’s see if we can help.” (And, while you’re at it, avoid using the word “properly” – this can sound judgmental. And, in reality, there are many effective ways of applying each technique, depending on size, gender and previous conditions.)

– Don’t get overly gushy with praise. Too much praise may embarrass the person in front of peers.

Look for opportunities to use names, such as:

“Joe here has some challenging tasks in his work.”

“Janet lifts heavy boxes often. What MoveSMART® methods might help her?”

“I notice that Stan already uses the Zones principle when loading his machine.”

“Using his Smarthands™ will really help Jim when he pushes paper rolls.”

“When Linda sets up to do this task, what’s one of the first things she might consider doing?”

Using names can make training more personal and practical. It brings the trainer and the group closer. Ultimately it makes new methods easier to accept and put into play.


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