The MoveSMART® on Vacation Game

During vacationing times of the year some of the MoveSMART® training time can be spent talking about vacation oriented applications. Brainstorm with your group about what vacations they take and how MoveSmart might be applied. Be prepared to start things off with a couple of examples of your own.

You might make a matching game of it. What MoveSmart techniques on the right might apply to each vacation activity listed on the left?


1. Loading bikes onto the car rack A. SmartHands
2. Handling luggage B. Line of Power
3. Loading the car trunk C. Mental Super Glue
4. Hiking D. Safe Handling Zones
5. Water skiing E. Shield Yourself
6. Fishing F. Use Proper Equipment
7. Getting through airports G. Re-energizers
8. Camping out H. Save Yourself
9. Climbing stairs while sightseeing
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