The Power of Repetition

We’ve all heard the old formula for making a presentation:

  1. Tell ‘em what you’re going to tell ‘em.
  2. Tell ‘em.
  3. Tell ‘em what you told ‘em.

The purpose of this formula is to make your message memorable through repetition. The truth is that most messages rarely gain our serious attention when it’s only heard once.

We can learn more about this from the people who have made a science of repetition – advertisers.

That’s why we all get mailing after mailing from the same charity asking for donations. They know that the first few will likely be brushed away, and that the later ones may get some response.

One old theory is that it takes at least three exposures before most people even consider buying something – and this applies just as much to buying into MoveSMART® approach and methods.

So consider using the power of repetition when presenting MoveSMART® training to make your ideas better stick. The trick, however, is to not make it tiresome, in which case people may either tune out or become resentful. So say it again by placing it into a new context, such as reminding them “So push using your Line-of-Power. Oh, and don’t forget those Smarthands™ we talked about earlier. That will make you even stronger.” Or, “Besides Line-of-Power, what techniques that we’ve already talked about can you also use here?”

Another important form of repetition is repeating the message in many different places:  during training presentation, on the bulletin board, on a banner, at tailgate meetings, during coaching encounters, in company newsletters, in pay envelope stuffers, etc.

Capitalize on repetition in your presentations and in other media. Doing so will reduce the time it takes people to get comfortable with and adopt MoveSMART® into their daily lives.

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