The Value of MoveSMART Names

Every MoveSMART® technique is given a unique, and we hope memorable, name: SmartHands, Line-of-Power, Mental Super Glue, Safe Handling Zones. Giving names is a quick way of referring to a complex process so that, once they understand the principles, a person instantly understands what you’re talking about.

We don’t recommend hounding people about names, but it does have long-term advantage if they begin to understand the shorthand of names. It creates an instant language so people can communicate concisely with one another and know exactly what they are talking about.

So when you coach or talk to others about MoveSMART, use names. If the person is new to, or fuzzy about the MoveSMART approach, include a quick definition or a physical show-and-tell when you use terms.

By repeating the names of the techniques it also helps people remember and internalize it for themselves.

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