Using Demonstrations, not lectures

“The proof is in the pudding.” (Whoever thought up that old saying evidently never had any of my aunt Marie’s really awful pudding.)

Another way of saying the same thing is, “Talk is cheap. Show me.”

Both phrases represent the approach we recommend for “selling” people on the value and use of MoveSMART® techniques.

You don’t really have to sell the techniques at all, because they sell themselves when people try them and feel stronger and more well balance for themselves.

We encourage trainers to not simply say: “Do you feel the difference?” Better is to specify the difference they might be feeling: “Was your balance better the first time or this time?” or “Do you feel stronger with one foot forward?” Then let the people trying the technique decide for themselves.

Occasionally we are asked if there is some kind of measuring instrument that could be used to actually measure differences. We suppose there could be, however they aren’t necessary, and could prove to be awkward to use with a group. The other problem with that idea is that physical processes are very complex and a single measurement may not represent all that’s going on.

People can feel differences for themselves without the aid of a mechanical instrument – and that’s the proof of the pudding.

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