Using Statistics in Presentations

While we are not big on using statistics in presentations (yawn), sometimes it’s useful to use them to reinforce a point.

Here are a couple of examples using statistics we got from the Bureau of Labor:

– “20% of all fatal falls are from ladders. So use your SmartHANDS™ while on a ladder to improve your safety and reduce your chances of falling.”

– “Each year around one-million workers experience back strain injuries. So when lifting, get the best leverage possible by placing your feet in your Line-of-Power™ to reduce stress and strain.”

Here are a few guides for using statistics effectively:

  • Pick statistics that people will find interesting and applicable.
  • Keep it simple and understandable.
  • Don’t overload. Two or three statistical examples in a whole presentation will do. People may remember one or two, but if you give too many, your group will fog out and forget them all.
  • Be careful about using stats from your location. Some people may get defensive if they think they are being singled out or picked on. This is especially true if contrasting statistics are used to show how one department is “better” than others.
  • If you or the group you’re training are absolutely averse to statistics, don’t use any! But, if a statistic or two helps make a point or might gain attention, throw them in.
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