Using Themes to Keep it Alive

One way to encourage the use of MoveSMART® techniques is to have a monthly, or quarterly, theme that is promoted through your normal means of communication.

For example:

Make July “SmartHands Month!”

During the month everyone in your location is encouraged to focus on using SmartHands as much as possible.

That promotion may be done through:

– Meetings: Grab part of team or safety meetings to review the technique and discuss possible application.

– Bulletin boards: Post a “Technique of the Month” announcement with some photos of people using the technique.

– Email: Send out a weekly note reminding people to use the technique.

– Posters: Strategic Safety Associates has some ready-made posters you can use.

– One-on-one: Make the focus technique the topic of your coaching opportunities.

As part of the promotion, encourage people to use a specific MoveSMART technique away from work also.

To gain more interest you might include prizes for the best application, where employees are asked to submit a brief example of how they have used the theme of the month in the work or personal activities. A small committee composed of both line workers and supervisors could be organized to pick the “best application of the month” with the winner getting a nice prize and some public recognition.

Some organizations have seen a great response to requests for photos of family members using MoveSMART, i.e. kids using SmartHands at play, during their sports activities and while doing household tasks.

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