Walking on Snow or Ice

A seasonal hazard in many parts of the country is walking on snow and ice covered surfaces. Some coaching reminders you might pass on include:

– Improve your balance by lowering your center of gravity. Flex your knees just slightly more than normal. (You can demonstrate this by gently pushing on someone’s back as they walk forward with and without the flex.)

– Add a little squeeze with your power fingers. This activates lower trunk muscles that in turn contributes to better balance.

– Take shorter, more flat-footed strides.

– Don’t lean into your strides. Keep Your Crown and keep your upper body upright to improve balance.

– Be ready to lower your weight quickly if you feel a slip. The tendency is to stiffen up and try to stay “high” which only makes recovery more difficult.

– And, of course, slow down. The extra time you take to go from one place to another is an investment in personal safety.

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