Working with a Co-Trainer

SSA suggests that MoveSMART® training be lead by teams when possible. This has several benefits:

– It takes the pressure off of one person having to do it all.

– You can back one another up if either of you gets into any kind of trouble presenting or with the group.

– It gives better coaching/observing coverage when participants try techniques when they break up into partners.

– You can observe one another’s teaching and give helpful reinforcement or improvement feedback.

– You can play to strengths such as experience with particular applications, technique competence, or the ability to handle certain parts of the presentation. For example, you might start the training with the most senior, experienced, and respected member of the team.

Here are suggestions for making a co-trainer partnership effective:

– Decide clearly who will do what parts of the program. This helps to avoid “onstage” confusion as well as keeping toes unstepped upon.

– When your partner has the floor, give it to him or her. Be careful not to interrupt too often or add comments when he or she is up front. If you have something really important to say or add, by all means speak up. Be sure you both agree to this before the session begins.

– When people are trying out techniques with partners, drift around separately to observe and coach. Don’t stand to the side chatting with your partner.

– Debrief each session you do together. Discuss what went well and how the session might be improved.

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