Worksite Applications

MoveSMART® Instructor-Catalysts are encouraged to include a worksite visit with those going through the regular training. Adding the worksite visit to the class session reinforces learning and shows people how the ideas and principles can be used in their daily work.  Here are some suggestions for effective Worksite Applications:

– Make it part of the training, not just an “if we have time” element –– even if it means condensing class time.

– Consider holding a Worksite Application as a follow-up to the classroom training. Be sure that supervisors and managers have agreed to allow the floor time the follow-up sessions will take.

– Choose a good location for the Worksite ahead of time. Find hands-on opportunities to work with equipment, machinery, in real work settings. Stay away from highly active or trafficked locations.

– Keep Worksite groups small enough to manage. Anything over 10 people will probably reduce effectiveness. One of the values of having a co-trainer for MoveSMART™ is the ability to split groups up with each trainer covering a different area of the plant, yard, or office.

– Make sure the Worksite applications include the same tell-show-and try used in the classroom demos. Don’t just talk about applications, have people try them. Having them do a task without the technique, then with the technique in order to feel the difference. Get everyone involved in the hands on trials.

– Involve the group. Have them identify particular tasks that are challenging. Don’t automatically supply the answers for them, but ask their ideas on what techniques might be applied, and ask them how it would be done.

– Many work areas are noisy, so be sure to project your voice more than normal. Be sure to speak to the group, not the machine or equipment being working with.

– Give as much positive feedback as possible: “Excellent. You really got your feet lined up for good leverage.”

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