MoveSMART® Assessments

To customize your training materials we use your logo and pictures from your worksite.


We use your logo throughout your training materials. For quality reproduction we request a digital file with your logo in full color at the highest possible resolution in the largest possible size. If available, include corporate guidelines for usage, with any color specifications, and a printed sample of your logo (business card, stationary, etc.).


We use still images throughout your training materials.

  • More shots are better than too few!
  • Choose employee leaders and role models as subjects.
  • Models should be alert and focused (without frowns).
  • Seek diversity in age, gender, race, etc., and avoid using the same person more than once.
  • Adhere to company safety policy (proper use of PPE, authorized clothing or jewelry, etc.).
  • Watch for good posture (head up, knees bent, back straight, etc.).
  • Get as close as possible to the subject without cropping head or feet—we’ll crop if you’re too far away but we can’t replace head or feet if they aren’t in the shot. Extreme close-ups are okay if the focus is on hand techniques.
  • Keep a clear view with nothing to block the subject (pipes, railings, machinery, etc.).
  • Avoid visible logos on clothing (other than your company’s).
  • Include only desired tasks and keep observers behind the camera. The larger the audience, the more likely the subject will be self-conscious.
  • Encourage the “model” to focus on their task and not look at the camera.
  • Be sensitive to employee feelings (avoid embarrassing angles or poses).
  • Don’t include cigarette smoking.
For More Information

Contact Dan Lucas (our Graphic Artist) by telephone at our Portland, OR (USA) office or by email: