Our Approach

Stepping Up Both Injury Prevention AND Safety Culture

We know that considerably reducing soft-tissue/strains/sprains, slips/trips/falls and hand injuries require a common core set of principles. All select mental and physical skillsets have to be easily and quickly learned, show immediate improvements to those who try them, and be practical—applying to their actual at-work and at-home tasks/activities.

Soft-tissue injuries? Slips/Trips/Falls? Hand Injuries? We’ll show applications that specifically address your most at-risk concerns. Each application reflects core principles of directing attention, choosing and setting best position(s) for each task, and ensuring balance that translates into increased mental and physical control.

Benefits of emphasizing these core principles:

  • Accomplishes multiple objectives simultaneously.
  • Offers a base for preventing a range of injuries.
  • Provides clarity, reducing memorization pressure by emphasizing select powerful, but easily understood and accepted, principles that can then be specifically applied to their specific tasks—as well as others that can place them at risk—both at work and at home.

Practical, Efficient Implementation

  • Ease of scheduling: working with client companies to arrive at best-for-success customized implementation through a range of options.
  • Credibility: training a significant proportion of workers to train-then-coach-then reinforce peers and others.
  • Transmitted through small groups: for inviting try-it-now participation/ discovery.
  • Support: several options for activating upper-level leadership interest/buy-in.
  • Presence: saturation of sufficient instructors at worksite to spread and reinforce safety messaging.

People will forget what they’re told but will always remember and practice what they’ve experienced and they’ve discovered for themselves (thanks to Maya Angelou).